Fear is the Absence of Courage

30 Topic Challenge: Day 14- Your fears

You know that quote “Courage is not the absence of fear”? There’s actually a second part to that quote, in case you didn’t know. I tried to Google it to be witty and quickly realized it’s been changed up by so many famous people, it’s nearly impossible to find the origin. So, we’ll just leave it there. I made my own quote to parallel it! Both are true, just like a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle can never be a square. Have I blown your mind yet? Good, now enjoy my fears and try not to think about yours.

1. The Unknown

  • Meaning the bumps at night, pitch black, events that aren’t properly scheduled, etc. If I can’t clearly picture or understand it, I will fall into a pit of anxiety.

2. Abandonment

  • This is a complicated one…I like my alone time, but I hate being alone. If that makes sense.

3. The Dark

  • yes I am 19 and afraid of the dark! This stems from the unknown…my imagination goes wild, and suddenly I’m seeing Slenderman by the door, shadows swimming across the floor, and remembering all the scary movies/tv shows/pictures I’ve ever seen. Night time is fun, yall!

4. Death

  • This shouldn’t be on my list, because I claim to be Christian…but would I be human if I didn’t fear the inevitable silence? I mean, as much as we believe Heaven is waiting, we don’t know for sure. Jesus is my homie, but I have my doubts sometimes.

These are just the core fears in my life. I could go on for hours about how much I can’t stand spiders, or hate heights, but those are less significant.

Let’s go somewhere exciting! How about my dream future? This will take some pondering.

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