The Game of Academia

30 Topic Challenge: Day 16- Academics

I think of the word ‘Academics’ and immediately roll my eyes. In my mind, it means the battle to get the ranking and be the best student. I recently started reading this new book about a girl, like me, who has been prepping for college her entire life. Then she meets this “mysterious” guy and blah blah blah, you know the end. Point is, I’m reading these chapters and it’s as if my own life has been put in a book. (Want more? After by Anna Todd.)

Go to school. Get the grades. Go to college. Get better grades. Get a job. Make a certain amount of money. It’s stupid. The intense battle between best friends over that single digit difference in ranking is stupid. I’d rather prep for my field than an extra 4+ years of random classes.

While researching, I came across an interesting definition for ‘Academics’ as an adjective; “learned or scholarly but lacking in worldliness, common sense, or practicality.” Of course this is a lower definition in a long list, but I enjoyed it much more than the first one. That’s all that matters, right?  This definition goes along with my first education post, too.

I’ve always felt the pressure to make the better grades. Coming from a studious family, I would expect nothing less. Even though I was in the top 25% at my high school, and got into the school of my dreams, I still didn’t feel adequate enough. Many mental breakdowns occurred because of the strain to be someone I was not. I won’t get a 4.0 by the time I graduate college, and that’s ok. No, I am not aiming small. I know my strengths and weaknesses, and my overall goal in college is to gain experience for my career afterwards. The 4.0 competition won’t kill me anymore!

It’s as if whoever is in charge deludes students into thinking they will have endless possibilities as long as they get the perfect grade. No, guys. You want the job? You have to network, meet people, explore the field, and gain experience. Yeah, a high GPA looks fantastic on a resume, and it definitely will help you, but what you need most of all is something to show them how valuable you are. Half your GPA is probably unneeded basics anyway, depending on your major/field.

I don’t feel like shaking the Dean’s hand and going to cocktail parties for scholarly achievement. Just give me my education and let me go live my life, please.

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