Random Thoughts From the Newbie

It’s been about 4 months since I started this endeavor. At first I was so overwhelmed…how could I possibly surround myself with such accomplished writers and not be a joke? I remind myself every time the voice in my head starts nagging that I’m extremely new, and these people have been here forever.

I thought this might be a short-lived passion, like my summer playing the piano a few years ago. But it grew! I started writing multiple times a week, started a challenge, followed, commented, talked and talked and talked. I get so excited when I have a notification. Somebody actually thought my writing was worth their time! and then. I get a follow.  They want to see more?? What??

I check my blog every day. I check it when I get to work, in between scanning documents and making copies, during lunch, when I get home, and before bed. and I read. I read so much! I search topics, I search people, I explore the blogs I’ve already followed, I dig as much as I can. I love to see different lives around the world and hear about fun experiences! Everything to learn and grow. I watch the number of views rise, and monitor which posts receive more attention. Do people like my ranting? Do they gravitate towards the happy stories? Should I stick jokes in a post? How did that picture work? It’s interesting to experiment! I sit in my glowing, appreciative bubble and wonder what will become of my blog in a year. I already plan on upgrading to my own website, but there are so many opportunities and variables that will come with it! Will I have 100 views? Will it stay the same? Will I look back on this beginning and laugh at how happy 6 visits to my page made me?

It’s human nature to want acceptance, but this blog has helped me get past my need for it. Some say they don’t like what I write, and I laugh and tell them that’s fine. They don’t have to read it! My summer has been full of positivity and I think, among other things, it’s due to my blog. It’s my strongest creative outlet. One that doesn’t take so much clean up and possibly kill my fish like my painting does. (I prefer the atmosphere of my bedroom to paint…but with oils, I will need to move into the garage next time…it might be too late for Bubbles, though) Writing has always come naturally to me. I don’t have to stress about getting flowers just right or whether my words will be perceived as a whale or a rocket. They are what they are. Most importantly, they are what I say they are. I think that’s why I love blogging so much…it’s my corner of the internet to say and show whatever i want. My opinions and stories are all valid and will be seen. They don’t have to be agreed with, and some stories will make some readers upset, but it’s still mine. Mine to control, mine to play with, mine to grow.

So this is my thank you to all who have followed this journey. 4 months in, a million to go! I’m eager to see where this path will lead me, and how far I will travel. 🙂 Happy Thursday, World!


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