Why Is There So Much Hatred?

My Facebook feed is filled with such animosity these days. Did you know we’ve been living among Syrian refugees these past months? I sure didn’t. I mean, I’d heard the words uttered on various outlets, but I wasn’t aware it was actually happening. This is my point. They came, they settled, they lived. And then 1% of the world committed an act of terror and suddenly it’s out with the innocents! If you feel my disdain for America and don’t feel like reading further, this is your exit point. If you disagree with me and think they should “stay in their country and deal with it”, you sit your butt in that dang chair and read every dang word I’m about to type because I’m going to make your inhumane stupidity very damn clear. This is my animosity.

  1. From the Christian point of view, refusing hospitality to those in need is a HUGE NO NO. This is crap we are taught from the moment we step through those church doors, people! Not to mention our dear Jesus was a refugee himself, or have you forgotten when Mary and Joseph fled Bethlehem to save Jesus? If there was a book on how to be a Christian, these concepts would be on the first page, right next to “love thy neighbor as thy self” and “LEAVE THE JUDGEMENT TO GOD”. All of those who claim religion on issues such as same sex marriage and abortion turn around and abandon the doctrine when it doesn’t suit their purposes. I’m tired of the Non-Christian-Christians. You either jump in or you don’t. Yes, I’m talking to you, Ben Carson, mister “I’m a Christian, but refugees are the devil!”
  2. While we’re on the subject of hypocrisy, let’s point out the fact that America came about because of immigration. The idea of migration, immigration, and movement away from conflict has been around since the beginning of time. The Pilgrims didn’t come here just because Europe was too crowded..religious persecution. Remember? Or do you need to go sit in a history class?  This very country was founded on the concept of freedom to live and practice faith without fear. We are supposed to be unique and diverse, but now we’re being snobs in front of those who don’t have the same freedoms as us. Everything suddenly has to be complicated because we have political borders.
  3. If you actually read into the crisis in Syria, the border countries are constantly getting thrown into the cross hairs of the conflict, but they still accept refugees. Refugee situations are never pretty. If we let Syrians in, it’s not going to be fine and dandy. It’s going to be a struggle on both ends to get acquainted with the idea. This shouldn’t deter us…we aren’t fit for America if we lock out the needy because we’re afraid to get our hands dirty. Risk it for the biscuit. In this case the biscuit is thousands of innocent lives, but potato/potato right? (doesn’t work so well in writing…)
  4. Our lovely Texas Governor, Greg Abbott wrote this thoughtful letter to President Obama earlier this week. In it, he complained that Texas has already been threatened by ISIS. All this sounds like is reinforcement that our national security is perfectly capable of handling any threats. By complaining about all of the infractions he’s witnessed, Abbott is only bringing to light all of the reasons we can and should make this work. Besides, clearly refugees won’t change the fact that terror already resides in our nation.
  5. Now. I’m gonna need you to think reaaaaaaal hard for a second. ISIS is a terror group, right? Their purpose is to spread terror and hate. Start wars. Maybe in the name of Islam or pure chaos, who knows? Instead of jumping to conclusions, maybe some of the protesters should think critically about what we’re dealing with. We are so easily manipulated every day, ISIS would be juvenile not to take advantage of that. They want us to hate the refugees. Their power comes from fear and population. If Syria empties itself, they are severely weakened. We close our doors? Problem solved. Refugees will have to stay in Europe and the Middle East, unable to run from the horrors within one of the most violent countries in the world.

It’s easy to oppose when you’re sitting on your leather couches watching your reality TV with only the roar of the city to bother your concentration. Bombs aren’t constantly going off around us. We don’t fall asleep to sirens warning of danger. I can’t even properly describe what we don’t experience, because we have no idea what happens in a war zone! Yet the ignorance still rears its ugly head.

This is 2015. Racism should be a thing of the past. I don’t want to scroll down my Facebook and see negative comments towards “rag heads”, because that’s just ridiculous. I may be a Christian, but I can appreciate the beauty of other faiths. Islam teaches peace instead of violence, just like Christianity. Or at least these religions are supposed to. (hint hint wink wink DO IT) The extremist, unethical 1% that can’t seem to grasp the true meaning of these faiths should be separated from the innocent 99%. They are not all the same. Many Muslims are condemning the acts of terror occurring across the world, trying to voice their beliefs among the screams of hate. We should listen. We should help.We are all humans and all human life is precious (if you need help learning that, watch Walking Dead season 6 episode 4). Love thy neighbor, do unto others as you would have done to you, and all of those other phrases we learned as kids. It is extremely unattractive to be hateful and judgmental when you will not/refuse to see all sides of the story.

You want to beat ISIS? Cut the racist conclusions and welcome their victims with open arms. Your misplaced hatred is only fueling the fire.

13 thoughts on “Why Is There So Much Hatred?

  1. I’m with ya here. Great post! Our newly elected Governor… excuse me I meant to say our newly elected backassward, closet bigot, idiot, Matt Bevin…has professed his ever loving Christian faith at every turn, but has just said he will deny Syrian refugees safe haven. There’s already roughly 100 refugees here, at least in the largest city here. No problems. None. They’re as scared of these terrorists as anybody, maybe more so, as they were run off by them. Clumping all of them in with ISIS, and justifying it by using the “doing our due diligence” angle. This governor is an idiot, an it embarrasses me tha he was elected by my state mates.

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  2. Thank you for this post. i agree with you, 99%. That pesky 1% remains problematic. My grandparents came to this country as economic refugees and I will be forever grateful that they weren’t turned away at the border because “the country has enough of your kind already.” Contrary to the stance taken by our governor (Abbott), I am not opposed to sheltering refugees, temporarily if they wish to maintain a separate culture, permanently if they wish to assimilate. That pretty much establishes my take on the 99%. But we must be mindful that the other 1% wants you to either convert to their religion or die and I don’t wish to cut any slack to someone who wants to kill you. You have already eloquently covered your thoughts on the 99% and I totally agree with them, but for the sake of clarification, please share your ideas on the remaining 1%. It just might be that we are in total agreement. Have a wonderful day.

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    • I don’t condone or any way feel sympathy to the actions of extremists. It makes me so angry that they do these things in the name of their faith, which teaches lifestyles exactly opposite of what they’re doing. I don’t want ISIS in America. I don’t want them anywhere. But it’s not possible to shut them out completely, especially when we have a crisis like this. Not to mention, they most likely already have members here and we don’t even know it. If we close our doors, all we’re doing is allowing innocent people to die, because there’s no getting around the threat. I don’t want shelter countries to face anymore loss than they already have because of the refugee crisis, but I believe the fear that a few terrorists could enter our country among the masses and wreak havoc shouldn’t deter us. France is still allowing more refugees into their country, even after the horrible events from this weekend, because they understand that these people need help. We should follow suit, but be wary of infiltration while we do so. Clearly our defense is properly equipped to handle cases such as this. I hope that clears things up for you. I completely agree with your thoughts.

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  3. I pray that you are right in your assessment of our government’s ability to defend the nation. The stakes are far too high to rely on a reactive stance. Monday morning quarterbacks are fond of saying “we should’ve” but the reality is that you can never, ever “should’ve.”


  4. Great post and especially those about the tenets of Christianity- almost one of the first principles taught us is ” love your neighbours as yourselves”- so we need to open our door to all those in help- I agree but I think in the changing world order and in order to keep balances, we need to try to improve conditions in the countries they run away from, so that one day, they or their children can go back. For me, temporary asylum is what would work.

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