There’s Nothing Wrong With the Millennial Agenda – A Political Review

I followed The Hill on Facebook because at this point in my life, my interests have turned to all things political. It’s my very first election! Of course I’m going to be in the know! However, I’ve begun to only read the titles of the articles dominating my news feed (there are so many. Why are there so many.), because when I decide to read further, I see bias smeared all over the page. I mean…I guess it’s a media source, so I can’t judge it too harshly, but why can’t a girl just get straight facts about the people she’s about to vote for? Is it really so hard to type an article saying “This week Donald Trump said this outrageous fact, Hillary Clinton is still getting heat for her scandalous emails, and Bernie Sanders is winning”. That might have been a little biased….you get my point though, right? K good.

Here’s my problem. Today was one of those days I went against my better judgement and opened an article about how my beloved Bernie Sanders is rightfully kicking Clinton’s butt. (Mrs. Clinton, I pray to God every day that you do not represent my people as the first woman president. No hard feelings.) Let it be known, this article is the opinion of Eddy Zipperer, a contributor to the news site. However, in typical Shelby fashion, I now feel the need to point out everything I see wrong with his opinion. Like I told Mrs. Clinton, no hard feelings, Zipperer. Let’s begin shall we?  The first few paragraphs were interesting and informative, with a good amount of voice in snide comments that I can respect from writer to writer. He even had a very nice explanation of the differences between capitalism and socialism, as sarcastic as it may be. “Capitalism is insensitive, and the free market is a bully designed to rob people of their uniqueness. If you want to be an actor, your bank account might quickly inform you that you are no Brad Pitt. If you feel destined to be a great American novelist, the power company has no qualms about turning the lights out on your dreams. Socialism loves you and thinks you’re talented.” For obvious reasons, this quote hits home. I’ve officially changed my major from theatre to communication studies, and it seems I’m still doomed because I refuse to settle and take a boring, well-paying job in this damned economy. Forgive me for valuing my mental health and happiness and wanting to follow my dreams. Why is that so wrong, and why are we taught to think this way?

Then Mr. Zipperer goes on to crush my hope in his article by stating “Millennial culture is all about big rewards for minimal effort: participation trophies of the mind.” Wait….excuse me? Minimal effort my ass! We’re drowning in debt, dragging our butts through school, getting shot up every freaking week, learning concepts we don’t even need in life just because they’re in our degree plans, and you think we’re all about minimal effort? How is that ok? We’re getting a college education, because that’s what we’re told to do. That’s what we’re told we have to do in order to get by in life. In order to get money in this capitalist system everybody seems to love so much. In order to not die of starvation and the elements, because the cost of living, higher education, and requirements for a career are rising faster than we can make it through semesters. Because we’re having to make difficult choices between following our dreams or making a decent amount of money at age 18. We’re barely adults at age 18! If you think we’re just trying to do the bare minimum in life, you’re sadly mistaken. We millennials were handed a crappy economy, a corrupted political system, and an impossible “life-start-up plan”, and you think we’re slacking. I’m gonna need you to back up.

Then he goes on to attack superheroes, because apparently that’s all Millennial Culture is about. They’re just stories, but to say superheroes are only famous because they “have some genetic mutation” is preposterous. They’re famous because they put their lives on the line to save entire cities of ungrateful people. They’re famous because they take their gifts and use them for the greater good, instead of personal gain. They’re famous because they are heroes who expect nothing in return. I will be the first to admit I’m not a huge fan of DC or Marvel, but you can’t hate on their inspiring stories. (Except Superman, I am a fan of him….that boy can fly me anywhere, any day. Mmm.) Somehow he planned to tie this into the minimal effort argument, which I honestly don’t understand. Every comic and movie involves superheroes ending up in epic battles with evil that destroy large parts of the city. Batman spent his entire life training and what not to avenge his parents deaths and save Gotham. Superman isn’t even from here (enter Mean Girls reference here, if you please) and he still works tirelessly to defend Earth! Any man I know would not degrade the superhero image like Mr. Zipperer has.

I’ll admit video games are nearly worthless, and reality tv has become quite ridiculous as I’ve grown up. You win there, Zipperer. However, the real world is full of hard work and doesn’t involve joysticks (thank God), but it is so not boring! It’s so beautiful and worth seeing, and you simply can not do that if you’re sitting behind a desk staring at a computer screen your whole life. I consider that a waste. Life is not boring beyond the television screen, especially when one is doing what they love instead of just getting by.

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, we can finally start into what this has to do with Bernie Sanders kicking Clinton’s butt in the polls. Zipperer thinks Sanders and the millennial generation’s agenda is focused on “transforming America to reward apathy” when in reality, all we want is a fair playing field. We’re not trying to make it easier to slack off, we want to leave college debt free like our counterparts in other countries. We want the wealthiest of America to quit screwing us over. We want a fair chance at happiness in life.

With all due respect, Mr. Zipperer, we don’t have endless opportunities. It really takes being a millennial to know that. Our country has failed us. Our country is not the same as when you were in our position. I switched my major, and I’m more content with life than I have been in a long time, but unfortunately I have 2 more years to be incredibly happy, because I have no idea what will happen when I leave college. I just want to write, Mr. Zipperer. You of all people should know how doomed I am in that dream. I follow Bernie because he gives me hope that I can hold on to my passions and not end up taking 5 types of pills because I’m so unhappy with life. I follow Bernie because he upholds my rights as a woman, and he’s been consistent throughout his career. Clinton has not. I follow Bernie, not because I want life handed to me with a red bow, but because I want to work my ass off in my favorite career. I follow Bernie because I shouldn’t be afraid of my future. My friends and I are not slackers in any way, but we faithfully follow Bernie because we believe in the future he promises. His promises mean something to us because he hasn’t failed us like every other politician running.

Thoughts on the subject? Questions? Arguments? Feel free to comment….I’m open for friendly debates. Want to read the article? Click here. Eddy Zipperer, if you ever read this, I hope you understand that as a Millennial, I have to defend myself and justify my standing. Thank you for your article. 

My Dreams Will Be Reality

30 topic Challenge: Day 15- Your dream future!

I’m at this point in my life where I’m expected to have everything planned out….but I’m also at this point in my life where I have no idea what the heck I’m doing. Normal? Maybe? Sound like you at 19?

I could sit here and dream for hours going through the little bursts of excitement I send to my boyfriend when I think of something I want in the future. I could dream up the most spectacular, impossible future for myself (and maybe the current beaux). And, boy, would it be a fun waste of a work day! I dream of a lot of things, but I’ve also been a realist on the side. That Shelby keeps Dreamer Shelby in line. So, all future plans are within reach, and probably have somewhat of a road to get there. The catch? I have many…many….roads. This is my young adult crisis. 

At this point in life, all I want to do is travel. Why waste your life behind a desk when you have 7 Wonders and 50 Billion Nations to explore? Even domestically, every state in the US is different than its border buddies. I’d rather be well rounded through my travels than my mathematical studies. (notice how I keep bashing math in many of my posts? Do you feel my hatred yet?) My dream would be to travel and write my blog. It would be lovely if someone would pay me to do so.. 😀

But what about settling down? Kids? Family time? How will I get money? I used to adamantly support women entering the work force. I still do, to some extent. My feminist fire demands equality, but also realizes equality means a choice. Women are free to choose to stay home, and that doesn’t make them  burden on the feminist society in any way. Their rebel choice actually propels our cause and the human race forward more than someone would think. They’re paving the way for an easier, less “box-ey” working life style. One of these women will probably be me. gasps and shock everywhere! I’ve come to the conclusion that my artwork is more than just a hobby in my eyes. It’s pretty much all I want to do. I want to be like Allie from The Notebook, where she wakes up and spends her days leisurely painting. (forget painting in the nude. Too modest for that, Allie.) Then again, that was during a time when women didn’t exactly work unless they couldn’t afford being a single income family. Regardless, I’m inspired to progress my painting and writing/blogging to a new level.

Another road, and the longest in terms of preparation; becoming a theatre teacher. I haven’t exactly announced it, but I have decided to stay away from teaching for a district. I have no interest in re-entering the school system, so should I continue down this road, it will be towards a community theatre setting. This school year will test my passion for theatre and whether or not I’m willing to spend that much time producing that form of art. I still have a dear love for the stage, but I have so much more I want to spend my time with, that it might be set on the back burner for a while.

You might read this and think I’ll spend my life being poor. Or that I’ll have to marry rich. No thank you! My determination is all I need. I won’t settle for a little house or small apartment unless I begin a phase where I adore cottage-like homes. Trust me, it might happen. The big mansions aren’t really my forte either. I mean, I already have trouble decorating my apartment bedroom, and you want me to furnish 50 rooms? Are you kidding me? Who needs 10 couches? My enormous wealth will be distributed elsewhere.

Where, you ask? Horses. Ranch property. Beach property. Maybe a ranch on the beach. Oh, that would be lovely! I’ve always wanted to ride a horse down the beach! That would be my dream home. A modest, but stylish home smack dab in the center of acres full of animals, with an ocean view from my bedroom. (Take notes, boyfriend. This is your mission) My list of pets would include a few cats for the house, 2 horses for my hubby and me, a few chickens for eggs, maybe a cow, a duck, and a large dog. (Great Dane, German Shepard, I’m not picky.)

Just to sum all of my ranting up, my dream/reality future will include:

1. A living room large enough to put up a tent to camp

2. a loving husband who will stick by my through everything and support me in my stupid adventures (I think I scored already, we’ll see)

3. Everything my children will need to grow up to have a good head on their shoulders

4. A job that will not seem like a job because I will not be crushed or resent having to wake up in the morning

5. Each of my passions, whether they change or remain the same

6. many cats. Because I’m me.

7. enough space to sit outside and breathe, because I was supposed to be born in the Hippie age, but I decided to wait a few decades for whatever reason.

8. A purpose of breaking down barriers and shining, however that may be achieved.

I don’t have it figured out yet…but does anyone really? One day I’ll be in this scene I’ve just laid out, and I will sit on my porch giggling at the people who thought I couldn’t do it, and reminiscing about whatever road I took to get there.

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