Music Obsession of the Week: Halsey


“I am Halsey. I will never be anything but honest. I write songs about sex and being sad.”

-Halsey’s official website Biography

She was the focal point of my last post, and she’ll take the spotlight again in this weeks Music Obsession!

Halsey has pretty much swept through my apartment, and even found her way to friends outside of our little haven. Apparently one of my roommates told me to check her out a while back, but I have no recollection of that. Interesting enough, she eventually appeared on my current Pandora station and demanded my obsession. I mean, how can she not? She’s everything I’m into right now. She’s kind of an indie Tove Lo, with her darker tones and deep lyrics paired with a gentle voice. Halsey is officially characterized by indie pop, but I think when people hear ‘pop’ they automatically think upbeat, fist pumping music. That’s not her sound at all. Her music is not for show, it’s to enhance the lyrics.

So I asked my friends why they liked her:

“She’s a badass bitch” (his words, not mine)     “She has well written lyrics”    “You kind of have to think about her lyrics.”

“Her music empowers you.”   “You can tell she’s been beaten down, but she never makes herself a victim in her music” 

“She’s like a dark Taylor Swift” (sure, why not?) 

You heard it from us! Halsey is the next biggie, and the fact that she’s only been around for about a year means she has so much further to go! I feel like there’s a Halsey quote for everything, just like Taylor Swift has a song for everything. I could quote her all the time, and everybody would think I was insane because you have to really think about her lyrics to get them.

My favorites:


Hold Me Down

New Americana

Roman Holiday




She’s definitely worth checking out 🙂

Music Obsession of the Week: Bea Miller


I apologize for not getting this out yesterday! Friday was a day of travel, and getting settled in for the weekend, but I will have more on that in a later post. Just as soon as I put all the emotions and new atmospheres into words! Right now it’s a perfect morning for sitting in the sun with some coffee and a pitbull and writing away.

What got me through two plane rides? Pairing Bea Miller with my new book, After. When an irritated woman decided to sit next to me on a cramped plane, all I had to do was plug in my headphones and fall into the world of pop rock.

Pop rock. Not to be confused with candy. What I like about this genre is that it’s more than the club music Pop is generally associated with. Or the kids artists like Miley Cyrus (and her Hanna Montana counter part, may she rest in peace) and Demi Lovato. It has a harder tone to it as well as the guitar based aspect of rock. Pair this with Miller’s thoughtful lyrics and you have a perfect Shelby album!

My favorites:

Enemy Fire

Fire N Gold

Force of Nature (more of an acoustic song)


Looking for new music? Check Bea Miller out! Stay tuned for my next music shout out next Friday! (and this time I mean it)

Music Obsession of the Week: Alt-J

So, this is another growth project, inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Ordinary Adventures, owned by a lovely lady named Brey. To see her latest music spotlight, click here! I love the idea, and honestly, my taste in music changes so much that it would be fun to map out the highlights. So without further ado; my first music obsession spotlight!

It began with a single night in front of the computer with Mon Ami. We share music often, and this just happened to be a hit between us. My gateway song was Fitzpleasure, played live, because he prefers the improv.  Once we had properly appreciated the flairs, interesting tones, and passionate keyboardist, he deepened the obsession by forcing me to watch the Breezeblocks video. I was hooked. (seriously. Watch the music video. The message is incredible.)

If it wasn’t the way they created their tunes, it was how they used their accents to their advantage. The unique sounds mixed with their strange lyrics (“Please don’t go, I’ll eat you whole, I love you so”) equal Shelby’s new favorite band!

I usually put their album, An Awesome Wave, on when I start doing writing stuff. The instruments make for good background music, but their lyrics bring out the creative juices I need. This musical time-slot is constantly changing, but the idea never changes. it’s always the same type of music.

I’ll probably come back to Alt-J after a little while and fall in love with them again. For now, they have provided me with a happy week full of musical musings and unique beats. I hope you check them out and enjoy them as much as I do! 🙂

check back next Friday for another music obsession spotlight!

In the Music Department

30 Topic Challenge: Day 6- Your views on mainstream music

You could call me basic. I’ll accept it, even though I know I’m not as basic as some of the people I know. So yeah, I listen to the “mainstream” music. I rap along with Iggy Azalea and Miley Cyrus when I feel like being fun and stupid. I have a Pandora station titled “Today’s Hits” so I don’t miss new music. But I can almost always switch channels on the radio and keep singing right along with whatever is playing, because my love for music goes far beyond feel good songs like Miley Cyrus’ “22”.

See, I’ve been in groups where I feel ashamed of the music I listen to because it’s mainstream. Mainstream music isn’t bad, nor are you better because you listen to obscure bands. We all have our tastes. Like the fact that I find Lily Allen’s “Fuck You” much more entertaining and inspiring than the angry sounds of, say, Avenged Sevenfold. (Church people and beloved family members, please hold on to your chairs. And pardon my french while you’re at it.) However, I amuse myself by referring to a certain Slipknot album as “Seductive Skeleton”, much to the annoyance of a dear friend with opposite beliefs.

Artists who are scoffed at for being loved by many have carried me through the years. Taylor Swift? She really does have a song for every relationship experience. Roll your eyes, I dare you. When you are sitting there sobbing your eyes out because you got dumped, you can pull up “Dear John” or “I Knew You Were Trouble” (not the goat version.) and know she’s been there. Or, if you royally mess up and regret it all, turn on “Back To December” and she’ll cry with you.

Lorde came out at a time when I was just realizing the world sucks. After being sheltered all my life and thinking everything was fine, Lorde’s “in your face” lyrics hit home. They tell it like it is, because she’s the black-lipstick-wearing genius. She’s considered Mainstream, yet she carried me away from my path to social robot-dom.

I’m allowed to play “Radioactive” over and over again because I’m a true Imagine Dragons fan. “Sail” may be the only song I know from AWOLNation, but that doesn’t phase me because it makes me feel powerful. Just the same way I feel powerful listening to TSwift’s “Bad Blood”. There is no great divide to me.

All of these songs have one thing in common: lyrics. “J’s on my feet” aside, the most important thing about music in my eyes is the message. On the surface, Florence + The Machine’s music is full of long notes, orchestras, and incoherent wailing. Beautiful incoherent wailing. Although simply listening to her passionate, mainstream music is awe-inspiring, dig deeper and find a wealth of majestic metaphors. Same for Mumford and Sons, who seem like a simple banjo band, but actually have an interesting, darker outlook. With them both I could fly.

Music is special. It’s what you make of it. Mainstream music is just popular’s not bad, wrong, or stupid. Music has been a vital part of my upbringing, even the club beats filled stupid lyrics.

Next should be fun…5 Pet Peeves! Thanks for sticking with me, guys 🙂