Being A Woman

I’ve had one and a half years on my own, and I learned pretty quickly what it means to be a woman in the modern age. No, I am not exaggerating, and yes I am a feminist. The proper feminist. One who simply wants equality, not dominance.

  1. We call it Shark Week in my house, and yes, it is Hell. Anybody who tells you otherwise is either ignorant or in denial. The more girls you live with, the worse the week gets. Or month, if you’re unfortunate enough to stay on your own schedule. It’s every day life, but we have to hide our tampons and pads in grocery stores, suppress the tears, anger, and cravings when all we want to do is burst, and talk in code. Shark week. Time of the month. Visit from Mother Nature. How about period? Menstual Cycle? Nature itself? It happens, it’s constant, and it’s as painful as we say. Get over it.
  2. Peaceful, late night walks are a dream and only a dream.  Unless you want to flat out sprint, for fear of drunk frat boys.
  3. The battle for respect and equality is up Mount Everest. Sometimes I feel this is singular to me in my circle of multi-gendered friends, but I know there are women out there who fight their own battles too.
  4. We’re not just fighting men, we’re fighting our own too. Cat fights. I don’t know why, but females are terrible creatures. We stab each other in the back, lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, and toy with each other. We’re great at it! Mean Girls got it right when they included that girl war in the end. Sometimes, there’s no where to run to because both sides are beating you down.
  5. Our bodies are not our own. Whether it’s the controversy over abortion or the twisted image from media, women can’t seem to gain control of their own skin. Oh yes, and let’s not forget slut shaming, victim shaming, rape, cat calling, and all the other crap we go through. A little skin shows on our sides, or we wear a tank top with a cardigan and suddenly we’re the world’s biggest sluts who deserve defilement and need to be baptized again. Someone might as well invent sexy nun outfits to appease both the media and the world. We. Are. Not. Sex. Objects. I am not here for your pleasure, or for you to look at and/or fondle. My style, my life, my body is and will always be mine.
  6. “Run like a girl”, “I need some boys to do heavy lifting”, “I’ll make enough money to take care of you” are all phrases we’ve head much too often. Honestly, having a rich husband wouldn’t be too bad. It’s the lost freedom to choose that makes me cringe. Not every woman wants to be a house/trophy wife. That’s great that you can provide for a household, but don’t automatically assume I don’t want to work. Just like I don’t enjoy being told I’m not strong or athletic enough to compete with guys, I don’t want to be told what I should or shouldn’t do with my life.
  7. Don’t even get me started on child birth, or raising children. But you could argue that I haven’t experience that yet (thank you Lord) so I will not go into detail. Just don’t take your wife, sister, mother, or close lady friend forgranted…

“This is a man’s world”

When is it going to be my world? Or my mothers? Or the millions of girls who are oppressed? When can I walk on campus at night without having to call my boyfriend to stay with me as I walk? When can we choose our paths? When will it not be our fault when we are raped, or abused?

Most importantly: why do we have high technology and thriving metropolis’ and this is still a problem?

The Troubles of Perspective

30 Topic Challenge: Day 13- A problem you have

I guess you could call me blessed. I spent my entire week thinking up a problem, with no possibilities. Until today, I was convinced this would turn into a blog post about how wonderful my life is and how I have no feasible problems to bother the internet with. But, shower times are good times, and it finally came to me amidst the steam. Who else is inspired while in the shower? I hope I’m not the only one. That would be awkward.

What is my problem? You might enjoy this. I have a problem with the little things. Like so many in the world, I’m obsessed with the tedious, insignificant, troubles in life. They really shouldn’t even be problems.

I like how Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell put it. We’re literally on an enormous mass of rock, rocketing through pitch black nothingness at enormous speeds around this massive ball of gas. We’re small, insignificant bits of production in a single universe, and we’re worried about getting to work on time? Do you realize how terribly STUPID that is?

So this is my problem. It’s all about perspective. “Don’t sweat the small stuff” honestly has never been so true. The stress in my life is so insignificant compared to everything else around me, yet I still consider it a big deal. Forget space for a second. People are dying from hunger and exposure to the elements and I worry that I won’t have money to buy gas or new make up. I worry about deadlines and future plans and I forget the big picture.

My Love always laughs at me because I freak out over Chick Fil A closing at 9 and say we HAVE to go right now, even though it’s still 7. Life is “boom boom boom” in my eyes, but to what end? If all we worry about is the insignificant parts of life, what will we have left? All of our energy will go towards the negative and then we die.

I think my life, and the lives of many, would turn out less stressful if we all took time to reflect on where we are in life. The good things. The positives.

Life can be so simple. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t fear being 5 minutes late. Don’t cry over a home that has been used and loved. Schedules are framework, not stone works. I leave you with this quote: “Worry is praying for something you don’t want.”

Next: Your Fears. Time to meditate on the nightmares of my brain!